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Foundation problems can be caused by the following

Expansive Soils

Soils with high clay content, or expansive soils, swell with moisture then shrink when dry. This means a house’s foundation rises and falls depending on the amount of moisture in the soil.

Plumbing Leaks

Water leaks from showers, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets can occur under the slab or pier and beam foundation. Leaks may be invisible while causing serious foundation problems much the same as the problems cause by inadequate drainage.

Inadequate Drainage

Homes and businesses affected by inadequate drainage are those that were not constructed on an elevation that drains water away from the building and buildings that lack proper gutters and downspouts.

Poor Construction

The foundation may be too thin, lack sufficient support, reinforcing metal framework may be inadequate, or concrete may not have been properly cured. All of which contribute to an unstable foundation.

Preparing the home for Foundation Repair: The home’s foundation is assessed and the foundation is prepared for leveling.
Excavation of the soil: Small holes are dug and steel brackets are installed in the area where the foundation repair is taking place, resulting in minimal landscape disturbance.
Steel Pier Installation: Solid, Independent Engineer certified, steel piers are driven through the soil and anchored to bedrock for maximum foundation stability.
Leveling the Foundation: The steel piers are locked in to the brackets, and the foundation is lifted. The extra space around the steel brackets is refilled and prepared for a final inspection.

Why use steel Piers to level your house?

The steel pier foundation repair method provides a permanent solution to foundation problems. Superior’s steel piers are supported by bedrock rather than expansive soil. In Central Texas, the soil underneath the house is constantly shifting which can cause cracks in walls and flooring, sticking doors, and sloping floors among numerous other problems. By driving the piers down to bedrock, the foundation of your home is secured to a stable support surface which counteracts the effects of shrinking and swelling.


Superior Foundation Repair is an Austin owned foundation repair and house leveling company serving the Central Texas region. With over three generations of experience using our unique, steel pier foundation leveling method, we understand the nature of Central Texas soils and the best way to counteract the constant shrinking and swelling to eliminate damage to existing structural foundations.

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